Closing Notice

Important Announcement about Marist

Dear Alumni and Friends,

It is with great sadness that the Marist Brothers announce the closing of Marist High School, effective June 2020 at the end of the current academic year.

Over the last several years, the Marist Brothers have closely monitored the school’s declining enrollment. These unfortunate circumstances are part of a larger national decline in Catholic education which has led to closings of more than 1,000 elementary and secondary schools in the past decade.  In New Jersey alone, over 100 schools have ceased operations in the past 20 years. 

As many of you know, since 2017 we’ve undertaken various efforts to grow enrollment and launched a “Save The School” campaign to help raise the critical $1.5 million necessary to bridge our operational gaps. Despite our best efforts, we were successful in raising only $750,000. We want to thank those who contributed to that effort and assure you that every penny of those funds was vital to maintaining the continuity necessary as we explored all available options to avoid this outcome.

Today, the School continues to suffer from structural, operating deficits of approximately $1 million annually and our modest reserves have been eroded. Enrollment is currently at an all-time low of 235 students. Marist’s projected revenue is simply insufficient to pay teacher and staff wages and benefits, utilities, maintenance, and other essential expenses after June 2020.

Please know that the School will continue to operate as usual through the end of the current academic year.  School Administration, Faculty, Coaches and Guidance Counselors will continue to provide assistance and support to students and families as we make the necessary arrangements for transfers to other schools.

I want to especially thank those who supported Marist High School: the families that entrusted their children’s education to Marist; Ms. Alice Miesnik, Principal, who led the School in these recent challenging years; the dedicated and hard-working administration, faculty and staff; our loyal and generous alumni and other donors; and the School Board. 

Together, we leave a lasting legacy in the Catholic tradition and have made a significant impact in the Bayonne and Hudson County communities.


Peter G. Kane


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